The energetic rhythmic beats, male rap and a beautiful female voice, the combination of techno, hip-house and euro disco, love, respect and unity. Eurodance holds a strong place in many people’s hearts. Romania supported the trend of “life is a dance” and revealed the talented Morandi to the world.


Hits & videos Morandi

The history of the band

It all started with a song called “Love My” produced in 2004. The first work of young Romanian artists Marius Moga and Andrei Stefan Ropcea (known as Randi) brought them together  and created a band name of Morandi (Mo+Randi).

Band Members

Andrei Stefan Ropcea, also known as Randi, is the front man and the lead singer of the band, producer and composer of his own music.

The beautiful voice and the unique sense of rhythm, as well as the classical music education (the singer graduated from Dinu Lipatti, as a piano player) allow Randi to easily produce hit after hit.

Some of the most popular tracks of Andrei Ropcea:

Angels – 7 platinum awards in Russia with 1 400 000 copies sold

Save me – 2 platinum award in Russia with 400 000 copies sold

First days of Morandi

“Love My” was first heard in the clubs of Bucharest in 2004. The original remix of a lonely soul melody asking for love (Call me, don’t you know that my heart is crying?) was well received by the public and moved the authors to announce their collaboration.

In 2005 the single “Love My” became part of the first album called “Reverse”. The record was a huge success. “Amore”, “Blue”, “By Your Side”, “Hot” took European dancefloors by storm.

“DJ play your music all night long, girls are dancing, boys are dancing” the singers knew how to rock club dance floors. The album did not go unnoticed by the MTV Music Awards. The band received 3 awards “Best New Performer”, “Best Dance” and “Best Song”.

Creative Stages

The young musicians were absorbed by their music, in 2006 they produced another album “Mind Fields”, which was received amazingly well again.

The song “Beijo” and the music video “Falling Asleep” were loved by all MTV fans in Romania. In 2007 Morandi surprised their audience with a new album called “N3XT”. In 2008 this album was nominated as “Best Album” in Romania Music Awards.

2009 was one of the most successful years, which came to prove to that a collaboration of two amazing artists was a great move. During ESKA Music Awards in Poland Marius Moga and Andrei Ropcea won “Best International Hit”.

The album “Best of” produced in 2011 included the passionate “Afrika” and the romantic “Angels”. The band have never followed any rules and believed that love comes in many shapes and colours.

Unti present Morandi remain extremely popular, with “Falling Asleep”, “Afrika” and “Angels” being played from every speaker.

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